Start TAFE Now Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the Start TAFE Now program students must:

  • complete the online basic key skill builder (BKSB) pre-enrolment language and literacy (LLN) testing
  • be a minimum of 15 years-of-age
  • be in Year 10*, 11, 12
  • provide a copy of all previously completed certificate qualifications
  • remain enrolled in and attend a Queensland school throughout the duration of the program
  • identify the Start TAFE Now program in their Senior Education and Training (SET) plan.

Not all qualifications can be accessed if you are in Year 12, depending on the course duration.

* Applicants for Year 10 students may also be considered, who meet the eligibility requirements and would like to study a course under the Start TAFE Now program. In this instance, please contact prior to completing and submitting an application.

Attendance Requirements

When undertaking a CQU TAFE course students are participating in adult education based on industry requirements. While school provides a broad education, CQU TAFE teaches specific skills to be job ready. A qualification with CQU TAFE shows employers that the person has the expertise to work at a specific skill level, based on the course completed, and the ability to be a valuable team member. Developing real world skills at CQU TAFE also equips students with work ready behaviour. This starts on day one of the course. Being on time, attending every class, working well with colleagues, and trying their best will see students in good stead to succeed in the course and be in demand with employers. Like the workforce, if students do not attend consistently, they will be withdrawn from the course. The trigger for this is late or non-attendance for three weeks in a row without agreement between the school and CQU TAFE.