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Student mentors

The Student Mentor & Leadership Program assists new students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses to quickly feel at home at CQUniversity. Student Mentors have made it through their first year of study, acquiring a great deal of information along the way, making them the perfect guide to support  new students.

"My Mentor was the difference between me giving up on my studies and seeing things through to the end."

Get connected with a Student Mentor

If you are a first year student, your Student Mentor is here to assist you during your first year of study.

All our students studying undergraduate or postgraduate courses can join a Mentor group of their choice through our University system UCROO in five easy steps:

  1. Visit or download the free UCROO mobile app (via Google Play or iTunes)
  2. Sign up using your student email
  3. Go to Mentor Groups on the left-hand menu bar
  4. Search the available Mentors (use the filters) to find someone you think you would like as a Mentor – this could be someone you met during Orientation, or someone with similar interests and units to yourself
  5. Join!

The group you join is a closed (private) group and all your group discussions with your Mentor are only visible within that particular Mentor group. Once a Mentor group has been filled, it will no longer appear on UCROO.

If you decide you would like to change Mentors at any time, please let your Mentor know that you would like to leave the group. You are able to elect to leave the group from within your UCROO group page. If other Mentors are available, you can then opt to join their group via the same process.

If you are unable to see any Mentor Groups when you start in UCROO (groups will become available one week prior to Orientation); please notify us on and we will manually allocate you to a Mentor as soon as we can.

Each Mentor will have a limited number of Mentees, and the Groups will close once each Mentor group is filled. You can post questions in your group, share information and email your Mentor directly (please use your student email).

At this time, students in STEPS, TEP and research higher degrees are not catered for in this particular Student Mentor Program. Please contact your Unit Co-ordinator or advisor if you would like to find out more about what help is available.