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CQUniversity's applied research focus emphasises the translation and uptake of research findings to meet external stakeholder needs – the focus is not merely on increasing academic publications and citation rates.

Several aspects of our research are oriented towards real-world outcomes, including influencing government policy and regulatory frameworks; developing greater understanding of social issues of the day and contributing to decision-making through salient advice.

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Professor looking at seagrass

Engaging communities through seagrass

CMERC’s Sea Flowers project is contributing to the restoration of the vital flora which is responsible for filtering nutrients and sediments from the water.

Children learning about farming

Future farming tech fuels student passion for smart food and fibre careers

RACE – Gippsland is growing STEM and agri-tech awareness, confidence and skills for young people, while connecting them with diverse agriculture career paths, to drive increased adoption of technology across the sector as they enter the workforce.

Track worker with laptop

Virtual simulations on track to improve rail and rollingstock life cycles

Railway operators now have a better understanding of track and wheel wear with this new technology. It will assist them in making informed decisions when it comes to rollingstock and track operational limits, while maximising the performance that the materials can offer and reducing maintenance actions.

Indigenous Healthcare Team

Giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth a voice in mental health care

This research responds to policy calls for Indigenous community-driven initiatives to improve extant mental healthcare for Indigenous youth. The findings have been fed back to the community service providers and Indigenous youth to inform the co-design of novel youth-guided and community-driven ways to support mental health services for youth wellbeing.

Associate Professor Anjum Naweed

Accelerating rail driver training through new tech

The research project has shown a need for change to pedagogy in driver training, as well as for new technology. One of the benefits of this project has been the understanding about how expert train drivers use cues from their environment to drive safely and efficiently. In the longer term, this research will address the looming skills shortage facing the industry.


Preparing for the unimaginable

The project results have been published in a book titled Preparing for the Unimaginable: Guidelines for Organisational Response and Staff Support Before, During and After Disaster, which is publicly and freely available for businesses in both electronic and print versions.


'Pocket Money' punters as youth study reveals emerging gambling gateways

Increased understanding of youth gambling trends and pathways in NSW, to reduce gambling-related harms through research‑informed policy.