Chantelle's passion to inspire the next generation aided by CQUniCares Scholarship

01 June 2022

Being a single mum of three teenagers can present plenty of challenges' and that is without adding two jobs' part-time study' and volunteering at the local junior netball club' along with a sprinkle of the rising cost of living' into the mix.

Thankfully' for Gladstone-based CQUniversity Bachelor of Education (Primary) student Chantelle Nightingale' her hard work and sacrifices have been recognised with a CQUniCares Student Success Scholarship.

The CQUniCares Student Success Scholarship was made possible through a generous donation made by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) during the 2021 CQUniCares Appeal.

AGIG Community Engagement Advisor Rachael Tamme said Chantelle has displayed a tremendous amount of ambition.

"The team at AGIG is proud to be supporting Chantelle and we are excited to see where her studies take her and the difference she will make in students' lives'" Ms Tamme said.

Worth $5000' Chantelle said the scholarship has helped alleviate some of the financial stress of everyday life.

"The scholarship has helped by paying the big bills such as car registration and insurance and eased the financial pressure that comes with taking time off both jobs to undertake university placements'" she said.

After volunteering in her son's class' Chantelle said the experience inspired her to complete a Certificate III in Education Support with CQU and secure a teacher aide position.

"I knew I could do better and have more impact in students' achievements if I made the progression to class teacher' so I enrolled in a Bachelor of Education (Primary)'" Chantelle explained.

"I had heard lots of great stories from past Education students about how supportive the lecturers are' and I wanted a uni that was local but also offered online study."

Chantelle said her online study experience best suits her busy lifestyle.

"I can study whenever and wherever I want. I often listen to recorded lectures on the way to netball or between jobs'" she said.

"Whenever I feel a little stuck' I know I can reach out to the lecturers on various platforms' whether it be via email' phone or through online forums. They are all really responsive and helpful' and their commitment to student success is obvious and uplifting."

Throughout Chantelle's study' she said she has tapped into the diverse forms of technology to create podcasts' build websites and create online games for her assessments' and she has also been able to overcome social obstacles.

"There has been the necessity to work in teams which I've always dreaded. I find group communication difficult and prefer to work on my own' hence why I chose to study online. But obviously working as a teacher' this will involve a lot of teamwork'" she explained.

"I'm proud of overcoming this challenge and I feel as though I've made valuable contributions in all my team activities. It's helped my social growth and built my confidence immensely in working with colleagues in my teacher aide role."

Chantelle continued to say that she has solidified her confidence in becoming a fun' supportive' and consistent class teacher of upper primary-aged children in the future.

The CQUniCares Scholarship program changes lives and CQU is grateful to AGIG for donating to the CQUniCares Appeal and supporting our students to reach their full potential.