At CQUniversity, we recognise that 2020 has been a trying time for many within our community.

Our students are not immune to the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have lost employment, are struggling financially and emotionally, and are facing food and housing insecurity. Whilst CQUniversity continues to do everything we can to ensure our students are supported and able to continue with their studies, we recognise the heightened need for financial support will continue well into the future.

That is why, we put a call out to our community to support the 2020 CQUniCares Appeal from 1 - 4 December. Thanks to more than 150 alumni, staff, community partners and friends of the University, more than $80,000 was raised towards two important initiatives:

  • More than 20 students can now be supported through a CQUniCares Emergency Grant - to assist with an unexpected financial hardship because of an emergency or unforeseen situation.
  • More than 10 students can now receive a CQUniCares Scholarship - to kick-start or continue their learning journey at CQUniversity. A massive thank you to the Scott Williams Foundation which provided a significant contribution to the Appeal, including matching funds for all donations to the Scholarship fund.

Financial pressure can be a deciding factor for whether our students succeed at University, or have to abandon or postpone their educational goals. The 2020 Annual Appeal has helped to ensure we can meet the needs of students who need the financial boost to pursue their study dream.

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