Gifted and talented students converge on campus for 'BRAINways Academicus'

Published:04 August 2015

CQUniversity Associate VC (Rockhampton Region) Kim Harrington welcomes the BRAINways Academicus event participants.

CQUniversity Rockhampton North recently hosted 120 primary and secondary students from nine schools in the Rockhampton region who participated in a number of Academicus workshops for gifted and talented students, in association with BRAINways EDUCATION.

BRAINways EDUCATION is an independent, non-funded organisation, whose programs provide learning opportunities for highly able and gifted students which are  tailored for their special educational needs.

Its philosophy is based on Gagne's model of giftedness, which suggests outstanding potential can develop into outstanding performance through the presence of specific catalysts, including stimulating programs and activities.

Based on research suggesting that gifted students benefit from an extended engagement with a topic, the Academicus workshops provided students with an introduction to topics, such as Mathematics of Coding, The Science of Surfing, Writing the Headlines, and Communication Philosophy, which was followed by an in-depth exploration of those topics via the BRAInways Online Learning programs.

The Academicus program offered at CQUniversity Rockhampton program included the following workshops:

Years P-2
The Wonderful World of Combinatorics
May the Force Be with You
Time Detectives: An Investigation of Famous Historical Mysteries
Media Literacy: Navigating the Madness
Years 3-5
MI6 Maths: The Mathematics of Coding
Science through the Eyes of a Surfer
Playing Aristotle: Using Aristotle's Methods to Investigate History
A Headline Act: Writing the Headlines
Years 6-8
The Mathematics of Music
Seeing the Light: An Exploration of Light and Lenses
From Pigeons to Facebook: Communication Philosophy
News Writing, Reporting and Feature Writing


Details are via:  .

One of the students using the skills developed at the Journalism workshops wrote the following:

"Ever thought that maths and science in school can be a real brain-strain? Spare a thought for the two hundred students who have willingly given up two days of their holiday – to go to the university for extra, more advanced maths and science! These children from all over Rockhampton’s schools travelled to Central Queensland University on the 9th and 10th of July to undergo the ultimate learning experience – ACADEMICUS. ACADEMICUS is an extension of education for those with bright and evident talents in academics. Over the two days, these children, ranging from Prep to Grade 8 gave their all to extreme tuition that only six children from each school may participate in. This program was an event I will never forget."

Another student, after participating in all workshops made available for his year level, commented at the end of the two days: "It's so sad it is over! I wish it was longer. I wish I could come here every day!"