Student Success Fund

At CQUniversity, it’s our belief that every single person deserves to further themselves through education. Regardless of background. Regardless of circumstances.

We are proud to have one of the highest ratios of students who are first-in-family, Indigenous, low socioeconomic, mature aged or from a disadvantaged background, compared to any other university in Australia. Many of these students face additional barriers during their study, with financial stress being one of the major obstacles preventing students from completing their qualification and reaching their full potential.

As a pioneer in the delivery of online education, we continue to be a leader in this area with almost half of the current student cohort studying via online. Many of these students are based in rural areas and are juggling family, work and study commitments in order to provide a better future for their families.

Our inclusivity means that students face additional barriers to succeed throughout their study. Regional and socio-economically disadvantaged students are:

  • less likely to attend university
  • more likely to drop out of university.

Low participation coupled with high drop-out rates result in skill shortages and huge costs for the nation and students.

Your gift to the CQUniCares Student Success Fund will help overcome strong financial barriers, so deserving students will be able to enter and complete their education, and go on to support their families and communities and realise their full potential.

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How your support helps


CQUniCares Scholarships provide financial support and development opportunities to new and continuing students. The impact of a scholarship goes far beyond the immediate financial need, allowing students to feel supported and encouraged throughout their study. Scholarships enable students to complete their education and go on to support their families and give back to our communities.

Academic Prizes

By supporting the CQUniCares Prize Program you are rewarding students’ dedication and achievement. Awarded annually, Prizes inspire all students to work hard and do their best. They celebrate individual success and encourage shared excellence.

Have a look through the full list of 2018 Academic Prizes. Congratulations to all student recipients who were awarded their prizes at the 2019 Student Awards Ceremony. A big thank you to our donors and partners who make these Prizes possible.

Emergency Grants

CQUniCares Emergency Grants provide immediate financial assistance to students experiencing real financial hardship. Emergency Grants can help a student in situations where they may unexpectedly, as a result of an emergency situation, find themselves without secure accommodation or food, means to pay essential utility bills or require urgent assistance for mechanical repairs or medical/healthcare access which negatively impacts their ability to continue with their studies. CQUniCares Emergency Grants go a long way towards helping students in their time of need to continue their study.