Fee Notices and Invoices

Fee notices

Fee Notices can be accessed online through MyCQU. Sign in with your Student ID and password, select your Profile from the top corner and then navigate to the Finances section.

Paper copies are not issued by the University.

Fee Notices provide information about enrolment-based fees and payment options including:

  • your estimated Student Contribution amount, Tuition Fee, and/or Student Services and Amenities Fee for a term, based on your enrolment at the time the Notice was generated;
  • payments you have made, or credits applied to your account for a term, at the time the Notice was generated;
  • the amount due and due date for payment for a term;
  • online payment option for credit cards in MyCQU;
  • Biller or BillPay codes and reference numbers to make a payment by phone or online using BPAY or Australia Post BillPay.

Fees are enrolment based so any enrolment change could change the fees due for the term. If you change your enrolment after printing a Fee Notice, you can generate a revised Fee Notice through MyCQU.

Please be aware that your Fee Notice should not be used as a record of your enrolment changes. You can print an Enrolment Advice or Unofficial Academic Transcript as a record of your enrolment from MyCQU.

Important note about Census date for students choosing BPay, Australia Post or financial institution payment options:

  • Payments must be recorded by BPay, Australia Post or nominated financial institutions as being made no later than the designated cut-off time on the Census date.
  • The cut-off time is determined by BPay, Australia Post and the financial institutions, not by CQUniversity.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that payment is made by this deadline.
  • Payments made after the designated cut-off on the due date will be reported to CQUniversity as being made on the following working day. For Student Contribution and FEE-HELP payments, this is too late. As a result, you may incur a deferred HELP debt or your enrolment may be cancelled for the term.

Enquiries about charges on your Fee Notice should be directed to campus administration staff or contact the Student Advice Team on 13 2786 or from overseas +61 7 4930 9000.

Tax invoices

Tax invoices are generated for sundry charges such as Student Loans, Graduation or Library charges, and for incidental fees, and are emailed to your CQUniversity student email account. The due date for payment is detailed on the Tax Invoice. It is important that you check your student email regularly.

You do not need a Tax invoice for Student Contributions, Student Services and Amenities Fees and Tuition Fees as they do not incur GST.

Enquiries about charges on your Tax Invoice should be directed to the relevant area, e.g. the Library for Library charges, or the Graduation Office for graduation charges, or to the Student Advice Team on 13 2786 or from overseas +61 7 4930 9000.