Payments and Refunds

Payments and Fee Notices

CQUniversity does not produce and distribute hardcopy fee notices or tax invoices for enrolment based fees. Please access the Payments, fee notices and invoices section for information about how to obtain a fee notice, and how to use your fee notice to make a payment.


Is there a credit displayed on your student account in MyCQU? If so, you might be eligible to apply for a refund. The Refunds section includes information about how to find and submit a refund request.

Disputed Charges and Collections

If you fail to pay your fees on time, you may become a Student Debtor and be identified by our collections processes. Visit the Disputed Charges and Collections section for more information about disputing charges, the definition of a Student Debtor and how to contact our Financial Services Division.

Removal of Financial Liability

CQUniversity understands that special circumstances can sometimes cause students to drop their units after the last day to withdraw without penalty. The Removal of Financial Liability section provides information about withdrawing without financial penalty.


A Sponsorship is an agreement between CQUniversity, a student and a sponsor for the sponsor to pay all or some fees and charges on behalf of a student or group of students (excluding Student Contributions). Visit the Sponsorships section for more information.