TAFE Subsidised Training

If you are considering a TAFE course there are many Queensland Government subsidies that may be available to you to reduce the cost of your course – in some cases, to make the course you want to study fee free. Whether you already have a qualification, or if you are considering a TAFE course for the first time, there may be a subsidy that applies to your circumstances. Please visit the below links for more information.

Job seekers and young people, including school leavers, can now take advantage of extra subsidies from the Federal Government to significantly reduce the course fees of skills training for jobs in demand.

A Certificate III is the first level of post-school qualification shown to have a significant impact on a person's employment and earnings. It is also the level of qualification usually required to get a job in the emerging industries of aged care, childcare, hospitality and small business. The Certificate 3 Guarantee is a Queensland Government subsidy that reduces the costs of TAFE courses for eligible students.

This Queensland Government initiative reduces the costs of a Certificate IV or higher course so that Queenslanders can gain advanced skills to secure employment or further their careers.

Skills Boost, funded by the Queensland Government, is a new “second chance” TAFE training subsidy giving Central Queenslanders the chance to study at reduced costs, in an industry where employers are looking for skilled workers.

Free TAFE for under 25’s lets you gain a qualification in a high-priority study area without the cost, thanks to the Queensland Government.

The Queensland Government will cover the cost of training for employers who commence a new apprentice or trainee, or already have an existing apprentice or trainee aged under 25, in a priority qualification between 1 January 2021 and 30 September 2022.

A range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses funded by the Queensland Government are available to students while they are still at school.

If you're eligible for a concession price on a course, you can make big savings on your education and training. Concession fees are available in a number of courses to reduce VET course fee costs for people receiving a recognised government benefit.

Skill sets, fully funded for eligible applicants by the Queensland Government, have been developed to enable infection control training across community services or health, retail, food and beverage and transport and logistics sectors. Students must be an existing worker in a customer facing role (including business owners and supervisors) in the specific industry.

Do you already have the skills you need for your job, but never got round to obtaining that trade qualification? Now is the time to obtain your formal qualification. The Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) Program gives you the opportunity to complete a priority trade qualification.

Queenslanders from specific industries with pre-existing work-related skills can gain a formal qualification that reflect these skills, without having to undergo the traditional training process.

VET Student Loan

VET Student Loans can be used to pay for all or part of an eligible student's Tuition Fees when studying in an approved VET course of study at the level of diploma or advanced diploma. Visit our VET Students Loan section for more information.