VET Subsidised Training

If you are considering a TAFE course there are many Queensland Government subsidised funding options that may offset the cost. Whether you already have a qualification, or if you are considering a TAFE course for the first time, there may be a subsidy that applies to your circumstances. Please visit the below links for more information.

A Certificate III is the first level of post-school qualification shown to have a significant impact on a person's employment and earnings. It is also the level of qualification usually required to get a job in the emerging industries of aged care, child care, hospitality and small business.

If you are a Queensland resident and have graduated Year 12 with a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), and are keen to start your studies within the next calendar year, you may be eligible to study at CQUniversity fee-free in high-priority study areas

This initiative that will offset the cost of a Certificate IV or higher course so that Queenslanders can gain advanced skills to secure employment or further their careers.

If you already have a qualification but would like to improve your career prospects, train for a new occupation or pursue your passion then now is the time to contact us as you may also be able to benefit from the Queensland Governments TAFE Priority Training Program.

If you're eligible for a concession price on a course, you can make big savings on your education and training

CQUniversity is a proud recipient of Construction Skills (CSQ) funding for Higher Level Skills and for Skills Assessment and Gap Training for Central Queensland, Mackay and Whitsunday regions.

Have you got the skills but never obtained that trade qualification? Now is the time to obtain your formal qualification. The Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) Program gives you the opportunity to complete a priority trade qualification.

VET Student Loan

VET Student Loans can be used to pay for all or part of an eligible student's Tuition Fees when studying in an approved VET course of study at the level of diploma or advanced diploma. Visit our VET Students Loan section for more information.