Student Finances

Costs of studying at university or TAFE

In addition to Student Contributions or Tuition Fees for your qualification, there are some additional fees that you need to plan for.  These include:

  • Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) (University and Research students) – charged each term to help fund and support non-academic services.
  • Resources for your study including textbooks and equipment (IT equipment, but also course-specific).
  • Sundry charges that are not dependent on your enrolment but may accrue such as library charges, printing, late fees or graduation costs (such as gown hire).
  • Incidental Fees may apply for clinical placements in the event that you withdraw after accepting a placement opportunity, or don’t meet the requirement for the placement and need an extension or additional placement opportunity.
  • Living costs.

Paying for your studies.

Fees and charges

Fee information for both degree-level and TAFE students, together with information relating to sundry or incidental charges, is available in the  Fees and Charges section.

Payments and refunds

CQUniversity does not produce and distribute hardcopy fee notices or tax invoices for enrolment based fees. Please access the Payments and Refunds section for information on how to obtain your fee notices, how to make a payment, how to apply for a refund, sponsorships, disputed charges and collections.

Citizenship changes

It is important that your correct citizenship status is recorded as this will affect your access and entitlement to Commonwealth support and government assistance, and the fees calculated for your enrolment. The Citizenship changes page will provide you with information about why, how and when you should update your citizenship and residency details.

Scholarships and financial assistance

CQUniversity is dedicated to supporting you throughout your tertiary study. Our scholarships and financial assistance programs provide financial and non-financial assistance as you complete your studies with us. We strongly encourage all students to apply for scholarships to help with their studies.


Visit the Policies section for links to relevant policies and procedures.