Exchange Programs

Whether seeking an inbound or outbound student exchange program, with our CQUGlobal outbound and CQUGlobal inbound programs, students have an opportunity to experience life and study in countries away from home.

CQUGlobal Inbound student standing on an Australian beach looking at the ocean


CQUGlobal Inbound is a program for students abroad wanting to join CQUniversity for a shorter period of time while earning credits towards your home degree.

Discover what Australia has to offer and immerse yourself in Australian culture and lifestyle.

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CQUGlobal Outbound students dressed in traditional Indian accessories in India


CQUGlobal Outbound is a student exchange program for CQUniversity students wanting to experience study abroad.

Experience a different lifestyle, culture and environment while earning credit towards your degree and without lengthening the duration of your study.

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