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Social media

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Social Media at CQUniversity

CQUniversity seeks to engage with prospective students, staff, industry and the wider community via social media platforms, in line with its brand values. The approach towards content creation, online conversation and online activity is to enhance strategic objectives of the University.

CQUniversity aims to facilitate the engagement of multiple groups through a few, well maintained social media platforms.

CQUniversity encourages its employees to explore and engage in social media at a level at which they feel comfortable. While the University encourages staff to interact online in the social media community, there are some key policies that must be adhered to and understood by users:

  • New accounts created on behalf of CQUniversity must be authorised.
  • Engaging via CQUniversity approved platforms or external sites using a personal profile that identifies the user as associated with the University is encouraged, providing content is appropriate and in line with Acceptable Use, and
  • Where possible, existing profile pages, with established followers will continue to be the preferred method of engagement online while others will be consolidated for improved communication and strategic outcomes.

Guidelines, Policies and Standards

CQUniversity disclaims all liability for any content published on third party sites like the ones listed on this page. When using social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter please consider that any comments you make may be visible to all internet users indefinitely.

CQUniversity Social Media Policy is available from the IMPortal. If you have any questions or comments for the committee or would like to join, please contact the Manager, Digital Marketing.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding CQUniversity's social media presence, please don't hesitate to contact: