Increasing physical activity in children and families

School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Dr Stephanie Schoeppe


A PhD or Master of Research program is offered around the topic “Increasing physical activity in children and families”. This research will examine how the 10,000 Steps Australia program (, an ongoing community-based physical activity program, can be adapted for implementation in children and families. A particular focus will be on children and families who have chronic disease risk factors (i.e., physical inactivity, overweight/obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes). The research may utilise activity trackers, smartphone apps, a website and social media (Facebook group) to engage Australian children and families to increase their physical activity levels (steps, active minutes) individually and together as a family. Study designs to be implemented as part of a PhD or Master of Research program may include:

  1. Formative research (e.g., interviews, focus groups) with children/families, stakeholders and research partners to co-create innovative 10,000 Steps intervention features suitable for children and families.
  2. Secondary data analyses and/or systematic review
  3. Pilot randomised controlled trial to test the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of the 10,000 Steps program to increase physical activity in children and their families.
Physical activity, exercise, children, adolescents, families, chronic disease presention, health promotion, health beahviour
From October 2022
Either Masters or Doctorate
By Negotiation

Other special notes

Funding is also provided by CQUniversity to support research higher degree student project costs, and to support national and international conference presentations. This includes:

For Master of Research candidates:

  • up to $4,000 in Candidate Support Funds
  • up to $3,000 for Candidate Travel Support

For PhD candidates:

  • up to $6,000 in Candidate Support Funds
  • up to $4,500 for Conference Travel Support