Land Value Capture and Statutory Valuation

School of Business and Law
Associate Professor Garrick Small
Dr Steven Boyd


This project will investigate the issue of land value capture and statutory valuation and its impact on the Australian economy.  It will examine the resurgence of interest in land value capture in Australia.  Australia was once a leader in land value capture, but over the past century the degree of land value capture through rates and taxes on land has diminished in relative terms.  While land tax was formerly a major component of public revenue, its significance has fallen off along with academic attention.  This project will include quantitative analysis of national taxation and qualitative investigation of factors influencing the change of preference against land taxation.  Applicants should have some familiarity with the mechanics and history of land value taxation.

Land value capture, Land tax
December 2019; ongoing
Sydney; Online


This project is associated with the International Engaged Research Scholarship, which offers a 20% reduction in tuition fees for eligible international students.

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