Building a Sustainable Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL) Program with Organizational Learning Capability

School of Engineering and Technology
Associate Professor Pak Poon


From time to time, WIL stakeholders (e.g., students, industrial partners, and recruitment agencies) will give feedback to a university's WIL coordinator about how to improve the performance and sustainability of the WIL program. This project aims to improve the organizational learning capability of a WIL program by investigating and developing an effective mechanism (including its associated software platform and innovative tools) for collecting, analysing, and incorporating this feedback into the WIL program. If the WIL stakeholders notice that their feedbacks are well received and implemented, they are more inclined to participate and devote more effort to the WIL program in the future.

Information and Computing Sciences| Technology| Education
Work integrated learning, Organizational Learning Capability, Stakeholders' feedbacks
Either Masters or Doctorate
By Negotiation