Extraction of nanofibers via green synthesis from waste oils and biochar for various environmental applications

School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Dr Shaneel Chandra
Associate Professor Nanjappa Ashwath


Nanotechnology is a buzzword, and rightly so. Nanotechnology products are everywhere, from window tints to mobile phones to even within our bodies. Yet, there are significant concerns around several aspects of the use and applications of nanomaterials, perhaps rightly so. One such concern is the origin of nanomaterials, which often includes methods with a high environmental footprint.

To address this challenge, the proposed study will 'harvest' nanomaterials from green sources, characterize these materials using a mix of spectroscopies and microscopies and apply them to various environmental applications. The project is multidisciplinary and includes the guidance of chemistry, engineering and botany experts.

This study will be offered in collaboration with engineering, botany and chemistry experts.

Chemical Sciences| Biological Sciences| Engineering
Nanomaterials, environment, materials science
Either Masters or Doctorate
Gladstone| Mackay| By Negotiation| Rockhampton

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