Simulations and serious games in the law and justice fields

School of Business and Law
Scott Beattie
Stephen Colbran


Interactive media forms provide new ways to learn, understand the world and to solve problems. Simulations and serious games have already been used as educational tools but we are also interested in understanding their potential to transform our ways working, particular in the legal and justice systems. Using design thinking methods, we draw on interdisciplinary research to explore this developing field of media, communication and problem solving. We are looking for candidates with an understanding in one or more of the following – serious games, simulations, coding, design thinking, systems thinking, legal and justice systems. Our project involves an investigation of current practice and leadership of a development agenda including development of prototypes and consultation with industry and indie developers.

Information and Computing Sciences| Law and Legal Studies| Language, Communication and Culture
Simulations, Serious games, Design thinking
Melbourne| Online| By Negotiation

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