Blockchain for secure object tracking in IoT supply chain

School of Engineering and Technology
Biplob Ray
Santoso Wibowo


On the Internet of Things (IoT), based supply chain objects must travel from manufacturer to supplier to owner back and forth throughout the object's lifecycle. This movement of objects from one point to another within the supply chain requires secure tracking during travel and a digital ownership transfer guarantee to ensure security properties like non-repudiation, integrity, and privacy. Blockchain technology presents a unique opportunity to have a secure ledger-based transaction that can be well used to keep track of IoT objects movements in the supply chain system. In this project,

  • Review of the related literature to define the best methodology to approach and frame the problem
  • Design and develop a blockchain based peer to peer object tracking, digital ownership, and ownership transfer throughout the object's lifecycle.
  • Blockchain based remote fault detection, heath record storing and monitoring of objects
Information and Computing Sciences| Engineering| Technology
Block chain, Object tracking, Internet of Things
October, 2020
Melbourne| Online| Offshore| By Negotiation

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