Meshed LoRaWAN network for efficient, reliable, secure, and failover IoT communication

School of Engineering and Technology
Biplob Ray
Nahina Islam


LoRaWAN is a promising technology to implement a public IoT network. However, due to reliability and restricted distance coverage, the LoRaWAN may not be the best choice for many IoT intrastation and applications. In this project, we will work on investigating the possibility of meshed LoRaWAN gateway for efficient, reliable, secure, and failover communication systems for pubic IoT implementation. The project will investigate the best possible way to network LoRaWAN gateway to enforce failover capability and use adaptive spectrum sensing (SS) technique to improve the efficiency and reliability of their signal communication. In this project, you will –

  • Review of the related literature to define the best methodology to approach and frame the problem
  • Use LoRaWAN 18 channels gateway to under requirements for networking gateway. For example, signal overlapping and Line of Sight requirements
  • Develop an adaptive channel sensing and distributed technique in networked gateway and full-duplex communication environment.
  • The project will further investigate privacy and vulnerability issues of networked LoRaWAN gateways
Information and Computing Sciences| Engineering| Technology
Internet of Things(IoT), LoRaWAN, Meshed networking
October, 2020
Melbourne| Online| Offshore| By Negotiation


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