Project/Construction management and associated education and theory.

School of Engineering and Technology
Assoc. Prof. Ronald Webber


There are many theories on management and one version is project management which is commonly used by construction managers. Project management focusing on planning-oriented techniques and, in many respects, an application of construction success factors like project optimisation is the primary focus. Much research has also been devoted to the search for the generic factors of project success. Project management has, however, in the last decade received wider interest from other academic disciplines. As the project management field expands, the need for an internal discussion and debate about project management research increases and in particular its pedagogical theory. Consequently, there are several associate research questions including, but not limited to, should project management be taught as a theory or skill, why project organisation’s exist and what are the benefits and finally who should the knowledge project management change and does the theory align with its application.

Built Environment and Design
Project management pedagogues, Construction management pedagogues, Theory verses skills pedagogues

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