Construction and project risk management, project and financial and ethical behaviours in construction

School of Engineering and Technology
Assoc. Prof. Ronald Webber


A building or construction projects in the majority tend to be unique and one of the builds. You never know where or when building defects will surface due to a lack of clarity in the associated documentation. Therefore, risk analysis that identifies continues to be a significant part of a project's success. A building or construction project involves multiple participants, either organizations or individuals. Participants with different experiences and skills usually have different expectations and understanding of specification compliance. Risk management helps the project owner and contractor meet their commitments and minimize negative impacts on the construction project. Risk management will affect the project's cost, time, and quality performance. Consequently, there are several associate research questions including, but not limited to, how risks can be clearly defined and managed to reduce adverse outcomes to the benefit of both parties, i.e. owner, contractors, and sub-contractors

Built Environment and Design
Project management, Project risks, Project defects
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