Development of Cost-Effective Railway Sleepers: A Detailed Study

School of Engineering and Technology
Dr. Nirmal Kumar Mandal
Dr Suntharavadivel Kumaran


The scope of this project helps to develop a new sustainable and cost-effective design solution for railway sleepers, through rigours analysis and testing of many new design samples using alternative structural materials. The specific objectives are:

  • To conduct a further literature review for identifying new sleeper materials and designs.
  • To carry out material and sleeper sample testing at CQU labs considering static and dynamic loadings.
  • To perform structural analysis and simulation using finite element codes and Matlab software.
  • To compare laboratory and field tests and simulation data.
  • To determine the optimum cost-effective sleeper design.
  • To develop a computer-based design tool for optimum performance-based sleeper designs.
Railway sleepers, Compressive strength, Failure patterns

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