Optimising Marketable Sweet Potato Yield Through Irrigation and Fertigation

School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Dr Richard Koech


CQUniversity's Institute for Future Farming Systems is Northern Australia's agricultural innovator. Its research program is a world-leader in delivering practical solutions which are bolstering the productivity, profitability and sustainability of the livestock and horticulture sectors. We're looking for a Masters or PhD level research student with skills in sweet potato agronomy, irrigation, statistical and spatial analysis. Some prior GIS exposure would be an advantage. In the Bundaberg region, sweet potato is typically grown using trickle irrigation systems with nutrients being supplied via fertigation. Irrigation water application (quantity as well as uniformity of application) affects the proportion of the marketable yield. The purpose of this project is to design an optimal irrigation and fertigation regime to maximise the proportion of the marketable yield.

Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences| Engineering
Agronomy, Spacial analysis, Irrigation


This project is associated with the International Engaged Research Scholarship, which offers a 20% reduction in tuition fees for eligible international students.

Other special notes

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