Optimising Allocation of Construction Labour in Small and Medium Building Companies

School of Engineering and Technology
Dr Xianbo (Bill) Zhao
Dr Neda Abbasi, Dr Pushpitha Kalutara


Allocation of construction labourers significantly influences construction productivity. Small and medium building companies usually face problems caused by unbalanced allocation of construction labour. Most of them are not permanently employed and may become jobless when a project is completed. Meanwhile, some small and medium building companies may face shortages of labourers. Hence, this project aims to optimise the allocation of construction labourers in the Australian building industry. A database and optimisation model will be developed based on the information gathered from the fieldwork study.

Built Environment and Design
Optimisation, Construction labour, Builder
January 2020


This project is associated with the International Engaged Research Scholarship, which offers a 20% reduction in tuition fees for eligible international students.
Stipend Scholarship; Fees Scholarship

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