Sport-based approaches to monitor and Enhance Health and Performance in the General Population, Athletes and Referees

School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Dr Aaron Scanlan
Dr Vincent Dalbo, Dr Joshua Guy, Dr Nathan Elsworthy, Dr Michele Lastella


This research seeks to explore various methods and technologies to quantify the training and competition demands, as well as health status and behaviours of team sport athletes and referees. Nutritional, training, and recovery practices aimed at enhancing aspects of health and performance in team sport athletes and referees will also be examined. Furthermore, this research may extend to investigating the utility of team sports to improve health and function in the general population. A range of methodological approaches may be used to monitor participant workloads (perceptual, heart rate, accelerometer, GPS measures), sleep (perceptual and wrist-worn actigraphy measures), recovery status (neuromuscular and physiological assessments), and decision-making across phases of the competitive season or applied interventions. It is preferred for students to be located on-campus to complete projects in Rockhampton, Mackay or Cairns.

Medical and Health Sciences
Basketball, Sport, Performance
2019 onwards
Mackay| Rockhampton| Online| Cairns


This project is associated with the International Engaged Research Scholarship, which offers a 20% reduction in tuition fees for eligible international students.

Other special notes

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