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Our research is driven by the desire to make positive changes. If you are passionate about an idea that will create lasting positive changes, we want to help you bring it to life.

Whatever your research interest may be, we aim to support you in working alongside the community, industry and end users to understand the problems, and together, we uncover solutions that are innovative, sustainable and accessible.

International Research - Student Life of Rag


Being a Civil Engineer I've always dreamt of making this world a better place to live in.
Hi I'm Raghavendra Vasudeva Upadhyaya best known as Rag. Before coming into Australia I worked in a multinational company for one year. I chose CQUniversity because it has an interest towards a futuristic scope, they also have a state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. Also CQUniversity has a supercomputer which is a high performance computing simulation device and it can reduce the amount of work which I do for a month into a few hours.
CQUniversity also provides me a great platform to collaborate with experienced industry workers as well as some research focused academic experts, which is very important to me because that towards me the international exposure helps me to get the encouragement that I need to complete my PhD in the greatest possible level.
At CQUniversity we really focus on translational research that has direct benefits for stakeholders in industry in the community. This makes a research experience very rewarding for both the students and also these stakeholders.
My research focus is to sustainably rehabilitate the damaged concrete structures subjected to higher level of damage because of the natural calamities, reinforce them to gain the original building strength. What I enjoy most about being a PhD student is the transition from a student life into a responsible full-time academic which makes me work harder and gives me the confidence in exploring my area of expertise. We have a very friendly passionate and very experienced a research team here who have helped me all along my PhD journey and also helped me in indulging in sustainable social innovation.
CQUniversity acknowledges your talent and offers a wide range of scholarships in order to take your expertise to the highest possible standard. I was very happy to receive a scholarship from CQUniversity but I also love the fact that CQUniversity offers individual support for every research candidate in terms of project funding as well as international travel support.
CQUniversity we actually provide a deal of support to our research students compared to other Australian universities
these funds can be used to support the research activities and also to travel to proof conferences to present the results of their research. My advice to the future students is try to enjoy the process of being an engineer Engineering is a vast growing field which is rapidly developing its branches it is going to be having a wide range of opportunities in the near future.
I look forward to you joining our research community here at CQUniversity

Our Research Advantage

World-Class Ratings

We are strong on research quality with 22 fields rated at, above and well above world standards in the 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) – a quality evaluation of all research produced in Australian universities against national and international benchmarks. 

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Generous Scholarship and Funding

On top of stipends, project and conference funding, new international students commencing at CQUniversity for the first time will be eligible for the International Student Scholarship (ISS) valued at 25% of their course tuition fees. In recognition of COVID impacts and to ensure students can still access higher education in these uncertain times, there is no minimum GPA requirement to receive this scholarship. This means if you have successfully completed your most recent studies, you will automatically receive the ISS when you apply and receive an offer from CQUniversity.

The ISS is not available to current students.

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Research Pathway

A Graduate Certificate in Research is available to help you step through to a masters by research or a doctoral degree if you do not meet the direct eligibility requirements.

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Campuses Throughout Australia

You can undertake your research in one of twelve campus locations available to international students in metropolitan cities and regional centres. Each campus has its own characteristics, catering to individual lifestyles and preferences.

Comprehensive Support

All students have access to an RHD Student Mentor and a dedicated International Case Management Officer throughout your candidature. You will be supported every step of the way as you embrace opportunities to share and promote your projects to peers, funders and collaborators.

Inclusive Community

Our dedicated School of Graduate Research provides a friendly and inclusive environment for all of our research students, with a range of training events and activities throughout the year. Our student satisfaction scores have been consistently high over recent years, with more than 82% of students indicating that their experience has been good or excellent.

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