Students strive for success with Community Bank Sarina scholarships

15 July 2021

Bendigo Bank Community Bank Sarina has awarded three CQUniversity Mackay students a career boost with $16'000 in scholarships to support their studies.

The students were recognised as the 2021 Community Bank Sarina CQUniversity Higher Education and Apprentice Scholarship recipients at a ceremony held on the CQUniversity Mackay campus yesterday (14 July).

Bachelor of Accounting student Elleni Williams and Bachelor of Science (Honours) student Stephanie McBride will each receive $6000 over the three years of their degrees as recipients of the Higher Education Scholarships.

"To be awarded this scholarship is a huge honour and privilege. It is also a great responsibility to be the recipient of this scholarship as it can be used as a platform to share my journey and encourage others to find theirs'" Stephanie said.

"This scholarship will not only assist with my tuition fees' but also serve as a strong motivator to encourage me to keep pushing through with my study and career goals."

Elleni agreed and said receiving the scholarship motivates her to achieve more and work harder through her studies.

"The scholarship definitely helps to minimise the financial stress that goes with a university degree'" she explained.

"I hope that completing my bachelor's degree will open new doors for me. I will have promotion opportunities within my current workplace and be more equipped with the necessary skills to advance in my career."

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician student Georgia Beveridge will receive $4000 over four years' as recipient of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship.

"I have always wanted to be an Electrical Engineer after I complete my electrical apprenticeship and with the help of this scholarship' I can undertake what I have always dreamed of - they always say dreams come true and mine has'" Georgia said

"Thank you to Community Bank Sarina for giving me this opportunity to further my career."

Community Bank Sarina Chair Karen May said the organisation was pleased to be able to empower and support local students through their studies.

"Scholarships not only provide financial support directly to young people to undertake education and training to develop their careers' but also more broadly scholarships develop skills and talent in our region' and potentially our student recipients will become our future community leaders."

To date (since 2012)' Community Bank Sarina has contributed $85 000 in scholarships to local CQUniversity students.

Associate Vice President (North Queensland and Hinterland) Professor Pierre Viljoen acknowledged Community Bank Sarina for supporting regional education.

"CQUniversity truly values this long-standing commitment of Community Bank Sarina - which started more than a decade ago - in its support of local students in higher education and vocational offerings'" Prof Viljoen said.

"This initiative has and will continue to change the lives of our students' their families and the community."