David sees Whanu Binal mentoring as another way to help guide First Nations youth

17 September 2021

David Parkin is expanding his reputation as a guide for young First Nations people as a mentor for the Whanu Binal Indigenous Entrepreneurship Program.

Whanu Binal is delivered in partnership by Arrow Energy and CQUniversity. While Arrow Energy has run the Whanu Binal program in various forms since 2013' the partnership with CQUniversity was launched in July 2019.

The Whanu Binal program is dedicated to improving Indigenous business outcomes by not only supporting business owners and entrepreneurs but encouraging individuals and organisations to support Indigenous-owned businesses.

David' who is a Trawlwulwuy man from Tebrakunna Country' is also the Founder and Managing Director of Luggarrah' a company which connects First Nations students with game developers.

"Luggarrah creates career pathways for students from regional and diverse background by linking them with game developers' visual effects studios and others from tech-related industries through immersive events and learning programs'" David said.

"Luggarrah means play' fun' diversion in language.

"I started Luggarrah as I saw an opportunity that was not being provided to regional' diverse youth and that games and technology was a way to engage and also bring rest of community along on the journey."

David said his decision to become a mentor for the Whanu Binal program was an easy one.

"I have had a few mentoring experiences before' mentoring remote community members learn trade skills. I am also currently mentoring a couple of young people continue their journey into games'" he said.

"I agreed to become a (Whanu Binal) mentor because it's important for others to have support and guidance along their journey' and if I am able to share some of my learnings with them so that they can be better' then that's great.

"For me' being a mentor is the feeling of seeing someone gain more clarity around what they have to do and the approach that they have to take to achieve this.

"Currently' a mentee is putting together a show reel of the things that he has been working on for a game so this can be presented to some studios here in Australia. He has never done anything like this before."

David encouraged other First Nations business owners or entrepreneurs to consider the Whanu Binal program.

"I think First Nation business owners should consider the WB program as it has been developed with us in mind' the online resources are very informative and guide you along your business journey and the yarning circles where topics and speakers further enhance First Nation representation and learnings in a respectful manner'" he said.

Prospective participants can apply by submitting an expression of interest via https://www.cqu.edu.au/whanu-binal-indigenous-entrepreneur-program or by emailing WBE@cqu.edu.au.