CQU announces new round of innovative research scholarships

21 April 2022

CQUniversity has announced a new round of innovative research higher degree scholarships which are specifically designed to support industry.

Known as the Elevate Program' the initiative is administered through the University's Research Division and aims to provide development and research opportunities for industry and emerging leaders in specialised fields.

In the past two years' more than 60 new projects have been established under the program' with over half of them being already underway and producing benefits for research partners.

In 2022' the University is particularly looking to partner with organisations and students within the fields of data science' health' psychology' agriculture' clean energy and educational leadership.

As part of the program' CQUniversity will co-invest with industry to support a dedicated masters or PhD student to work on a specific business challenge or policy issue.

Professor Susan Kinnear' Dean of CQUniversity's School of Graduate Research said that the scholarships were a unique way for organisations within different industries to develop their workforce' fill niche skills gaps' respond to business problems' or identify new business opportunities.

"We designed the Elevate Program as a way for organisations to advance their operations by investing in expertise.

"Businesses and partners get the opportunity to access the specialised knowledge' facilities and support of a world-class research university to help grow a pipeline of talent' solve technical challenges' work on product development' and find solutions to current and emerging challenges.

"Not only is this an economical and innovative way to grow required expertise' but it is also a way for businesses to gain a student who is fully committed to a specific project for two or three years' with the added reassurance of an expert supervisory team who have specialist research skills backing them.

"All students will also have access to the University's research infrastructure' such as labs' equipment and specialised software and technologies' which can also prove beneficial to the industry partner'" Professor Kinnear said.

"CQUniversity will work alongside our partners throughout the entire process to support them and their student (or students). Interim deliverables can also be designed into the project' so that our partners can benefit from the research results sooner rather than later.

"We can also help to recruit the students into the projects' noting that this is about finding someone who is a mutually good fit for the business as well as having great potential as a research trainee.

"CQUniversity can also provide our partners opportunities for promotion through internal and external communication and publicity networks. Or' for those businesses looking to develop new products or services' they can undertake the collaboration with confidence' as we have a framework to protect any intellectual property."

As part of the program CQUniversity will co-fund the delivery of a scholarship to each student in the Elevate program' through a living allowance (stipend) of at least $28'597 per year.

The co-contribution required from industry starts at $15'000 per year and varies depending on the duration of the research higher degree' with two or three-year options available.

The profile of research partners already participating in the Elevate program is diverse – with examples including local health services' community associations' schools' agricultural companies' manufacturing business and the resources sector' as well as local' state and federal government entities.

The program is extremely flexible with students able to work from an industry site' from one of CQUniversity's many campus locations Australia wide' or time can be split between locations.

Organisations involved in the program may also be eligible for a Research and Development tax incentive for investment in research activity' subject to meeting Australian Government requirements.

Applications into this year's Elevate program close on 31 May 2022.

For more information about the Elevate program and working with CQUniversity please visit www.cqu.edu.au/research or email research-connect@cqu.edu.au.