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  • PhD candidate Peta Hazelton and her dog 'Bruce' When it comes to pets in our bed, researchers not prepared to let sleeping dogs lieCQUniversity researchers are embarking on a more intensive survey of the effects of ‘human-animal co-sleeping’ after a preliminary study indicating those who co-slept with pets took longer to fall asleep and were more likely to wake up tired. ...more »
  • Bear Grizzly bear chews on student's GoPro camera

    CQUniversity's Professor Owen Nevin has received video evidence that a grizzly bear chewed on a GoPro camera being used by one of his research students in Canada.

    ...more »
Research Highlights

CQUni has stake in NHMRC grant exploring use of social networks to boost physical activity

Dr Corneel Vandelanotte

CQUniversity has a stake in a new NHMRC-funded project examining an online social networking intervention to increase physical activity.

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