School based education support course boosts Nila's determination to become teacher aide

06 September 2022

Nila Dickson's ability as a teacher aide at her local primary school has been significantly boosted by CQUniversity's Certificate IV in School Based Education Support.

The Bundaberg-based student said she decided to enrol at CQU to enhance her skills and improve her chances of becoming qualified.

"I decided to study the Certificate IV in School Based Education Support at CQU because I want to become a qualified Teacher Aide'" she said.

"I chose CQU because in the future' I may decide to specialise in a particular area of educational support' so I thought having a Certificate IV would be beneficial to me."

She said although she has only just started the course' she has already developed a new understanding of what is required as a teacher aide.

"The course assessments have helped me familiarise myself with the school's Health and Safety protocols and how they are applicable when supervising children in the classroom and outside the classroom'" she said.

"Also' I'm aware of how classes are designed and set up to be in line with Health and Safety legislation and what to do in an emergency evacuation and lockdown drill.

"I think people who want to become a Teacher Aide should definitely complete the Certificate IV in School Based Education Support at CQU because it is a new' comprehensive course that started this year' and it would be a good prerequisite should you decide to further your studies in education support or teaching in the future."

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