Rebecca steps up into supervisory role in mining, thanks to CQU Leadership and Management course

15 November 2022

Rebecca Scott has dug in deep to become an up-and-coming leader in the Central Queensland mining industry' thanks to her determination and CQUniversity's Diploma of Leadership and Management course.

Rebecca' who currently works for Mining Pro as a Step-Up Supervisor at the Curragh Mine in Blackwater' has a 17-year record with the industry and feels like she is finally on the right path' due to the Diploma course.

"I have been at Curragh Mine since May and I assist the other Supervisors who are in charge of a team of about 80-90 workers'" she said.

"I supervise in an open-pit environment with a fleet of 600-tonne excavators and trucks' plus ancillary gear' which mine both overburden and coal."

She is a multi-skilled operator' one of only few females in the industry to operate an oversized excavator' a skill which earned her a Women In Mining Runner-Up accolade earlier this year.

"When I started in May' they offered me the Step-Up role because I was already studying the Diploma of Leadership and Management and had all the skills required to be a supervisor'" she said.

"I'd been trying to get a role as a Supervisor in Mining for a long time. It's hard to break down the barriers and get given the opportunity as the previous company I was working for at the time weren't really interested in putting women into these roles.

"So' I decided to be proactive about it and look at study options to help me develop some leadership and management skills and this Diploma was the perfect fit for that. CQ University is around my local area and I wanted to choose a university that I could access and use their resources as well."

Rebecca said the course had helped her immensely in her supervisor role.

"Studying this course has not only helped me get the opportunity to successfully fill the role of a Production Supervisor but it continues to aid in my learnings at work'" she said.

"It's given me the confidence to do presentations in front of staff and also just knowledge on how to manage workplace relationships.

"The Emotional Intelligence Unit especially has been my favourite as its helped me to understand and manage my own emotions around other co-workers which I may not of been aware of prior to this learning."

She encouraged anyone looking to improve their leadership prospects to consider studying the Diploma of Leadership and Management.

"If you are really passionate about being a great leader then this course is perfect for that'" she said.

"Some people are natural born leaders' but I still believe this course just gives you the education to be that little bit better' especially when it comes to people skills. Even great leaders lack the people skills that are needed for a happy' safe' work environment where everyone can get along.

"This course has been one of the best decisions for me to enhance my career."

Of Rebecca' Mining Pro Site Manager – Curragh North Steve Robertson said: "Mining Pro and Coronado applaud Rebecca for her efforts in developing her Leadership skills and education."

"We continue to support Rebecca's ongoing development and encourage all our employees to pursue their professional goals."

Further information can be found at the CQU TAFE Careers Expo' to be held on 18 January 2023 at the CQUniversity Mackay City campus on Sydney Street from 2 – 5.30 pm Simultaneous events will be held at CQUniversity Gladstone Marina on Bryan Jordan Drive and CQUniversity Rockhampton City on Canning Street.