CQUGlobal Inbound

CQUGlobal Inbound programs allow you to join CQUniversity for a shorter period than one of our formal qualifications. Our programs range from two weeks English or discipline-specific study tours, through to term and year-long academic and experience programs.

CQUniversity has the largest national footprint of any university in Australia meaning you can choose to study in some of Australia's major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney or one of our regional Queensland campuses. For the more adventurous, you can mix locations to get a comprehensive and unique Australian experience.

Our programs are designed to enrich your learning journey and provide you with a uniquely personal experience that will equip you with lifelong skills and a truly unforgettable journey of self and knowledge discovery.

Our students also enjoy:

  • state-of-the-art technology in teaching and learning
  • computer laboratories fitted with the latest software
  • extensive academic, personal and career support
  • comprehensive online study resources
  • an electronic library
  • access to research seminars
  • cultural diversity
  • immersion in local life.

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There is something for everyone in the CQUGlobal Inbound programs. You can choose from the following program options:

The Study Abroad (CQUGlobal Inbound Program) is one of our most popular programs. It allows you to study one term or academic year at any of our campuses across Australia and gain credit towards your course in your home country. You can choose units from across our eight study areas and mix them to design a personalised program that meets your academic and personal goals. The program is open to students from all over the world, from vocational to research level and is fee paying. Find out more about our Study Abroad (CQUGlobal Inbound Program)

Our International Exchange (CQUGlobal Inbound Program) is similar to our Study Abroad (CQUGlobal Inbound Program) but is exclusive to students studying at our global network of partner institutions and students studying at institutions belonging to the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) network. You will not be required to pay tuition fees to CQUniversity. Find out more about our International Exchange (CQUGlobal Inbound Program).

CQUEnglish is an integral part of CQUniversity Australia. It comprises four English language centres and offers English language courses that run from five to 50 weeks. The courses include intensive English language study alongside an active social program or a study tour. This allows you to experience Australian and Indigenous culture and see some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world while improving your English language skills. You can choose to study in Brisbane, Melbourne, Rockhampton or Sydney or mix locations to get the full Australian experience. Find out more about our CQUEnglish Language Centre.