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Key dates

These key dates are applicable to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students. Please note that dates may change. We recommend you check back for the latest information or contact the University.

Class commencement

2018 Term 1 - Monday, 5 March

2018 Term 2 - Monday, 9 July

2018 Term 3 - Monday, 5 November

Recommended arrival

We advise students to be in Australia two to three weeks before classes commence. This is to ensure there is sufficient time to arrange your long-term accommodation on arrival.

2018 Term 1 - Monday, 12 February

2018 Term 2 - Monday, 18 June

2018 Term 3 - Monday, 15 October


Enrolment is usually open two weeks before classes start, Monday to Friday from 9 am onwards. During enrolment, you will select units associated with your course of study and officially enrol in those units. If you are a new student, you must enrol on campus prior to attending orientation. We encourage you to enrol early so you can attend orientation and settle down.

Enrolment in each term will open from the following dates:

2018 Term 1 - Monday, 19 February

2018 Term 2 - Monday, 25 June

2018 Term 3 - Monday, 22 October


Orientation is usually scheduled the week before classes commence. Please note these dates may change. For more details, please check our Orientation page.

Last day to drop units

The last day in each term you are permitted to drop units and complete your enrolment without academic penalty is listed below. You will not be able to enrol after these dates.

2018 Term 1 - Tuesday, 27 March

2018 Term 2 - Tuesday, 31 July

2018 Term 3 - Tuesday, 27 November

For more information on key dates, please refer to our Academic Calendars. For key dates for each campus, please visit the Planning your arrival section of the website.