R U OK? Day

As a part of national R U Ok? Day we asked our CQUniversity community, How Do You Say R U Ok?

R U OK? Day


This national R U Okay? Day remember to check in with one another. We asked our CQUniversity community how do you say are you okay.

Are you okay? Hey how's your day going. You sound a bit stressed you got time for a cuppa?

I usually like to ask the question how are you going today,  this afternoon or tonight because it's less overwhelming than just saying how are you going.

To say I don't tend to say are you okay I think it's a bit of a loaded question. I prefer to say something like what's the latest or what have you been up to and based on their response you can kind of get a sense of whether that's been a negative or a positive thing.

Hey, how you doing? How would you like me to support you? I usually ask are you okay otherwise how is it going? How are you doing or sometimes how the day has been? Tell me how are you really going?

At this stage of lockdown, it's fair to assume that a lot of people are not okay so I've been saying how are you coping and coping I think is probably the most a lot of us can aim for.

Hi, you don't seem to be yourself. Is everything okay? G'day mate, how you going today is everything all right?

I like to adjust my tone so the person knows that I am asking with genuine concern and empathy so I might say something like
are you okay?

You alright? You okay?

How are you feeling because it's an open-ended question which invites more honesty and also takes away the gravity of saying no and it takes away the obligation to say yes.

I ask people how are you and when they respond I say hey that was the greeting now let me ask the question how are you really?

Remember we are all human. Check in, listen, encourage action, and follow up.