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CQUniversity’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Nick Klomp says regional universities will drive community recovery following the devastating impacts of COVID-19, despite a lack of support from Government. Professor Klomp’s comments come hot on the heels of a new report, commissioned by CQUniversity, which reveals the University contributes $1.8 billion annually to the Northern Australia economy.

Northern Australia Report



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An independent study has revealed that CQU tips $1.8BN into the northern Australian economy.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nick Klomp says the study confirms that CQU contributes significantly to the regions in terms of financial output and jobs supported.

"Our contribution to gross regional product is $365M" - Nick Klomp

The report was commissioned specifically to look at the University's economic impact on the northern Australian communities in which it serves.

Professor Klomp says regional Unis like CQU will continue to do the heavy lifting in keeping regional economies thriving.

"But we could do so much more if the Government could only untie that hand from behind our back" - Nick Klomp

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