iActivate social enterprise short course

CQUniversity Australia and impact-led business Impact Boom are collaborating to offer this self-paced, ultra-flexible and affordable online short course to guide aspiring and early-stage social entrepreneurs from idea to impact.

iActivate social enterprise short course


In Australia and around the world people are changing the way they do business and business for good is changing the world. As we face increasingly complex problems there's never been a more important time for us to take our ideas and turn them into impact.

At CQUniversity we believe everybody can be a change maker and as Australia's only AshokaU change maker campus we've already helped thousands of people start their journey. When we first started the program it was just a team of three of our founders and now we are a team of five.

We provide local ethical and high quality designer manufacturing services to Australian clothing labels by drawing on the sewing expertise of women from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Every change maker can access an ultra flexible online course to help them take their idea and turn it into impact. This short course has been developed by CQUniversity and Impact Boom which is the organization I founded to help impact-led entrepreneurs connect be inspired and grow the global movement.

When you complete the course you get a micro-credential that you can share on LinkedIn and on social media and you get the opportunity to connect with the emerging social enterprise networks that are popping up all across the country. So going through the Impact Boom program has really helped us we were just um we just had an idea and we were working in our homes and now we're in this fantastic space yeah it's been great.

So whether you've got a social issue that you want to tackle you're in the for good sector or you've got a business that you want to grow, getting the right advice from the start can be an absolute game changer so register online and we'll see you there.