COVID-19 ‘can help prepare global tourism’ for the transformation of climate change

Lessons from COVID-19 can prepare global tourism for the economic transformation required to combat climate change.


A new Indigenous tourism ‘voice’ would bolster visitation to Great Barrier Reef

Queensland urgently needs an advocacy body for Indigenous tourism to help Great Barrier Reef tourism recover after COVID-19, according to new report by the First Peoples Think Tank hosted by CQUniversity Australia.


Promising new software enables investigators to ‘visualise’ money laundering in graphical form

Software enabling better data visualisation and targeting of suspicious financial transactions could become a boon for money laundering investigators, who can be alerted to elaborate fund movements.


Talk research and get heard: CQUni media star

Our mid-crisis world needs science more than ever and CQUniversity postdoctoral research fellow Dr Alex Russell says there’s never been a better time for researchers to seek a media platform for their work, with the ABC Top 5 media residency for researchers.


'Intervention required' due to harm associated with online porn and sexually explicit video games

An Australian researcher focused on violence against women says now is the time to introduce school and community-based prevention programs, to address harms that online porn and sexually explicit video games may pose staging an assault on the minds of men and boys.


Uncertainty means covering crisis hits hard, warns journalism researcher

Reporting for years on a bloody civil war, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that devastated his home country of Sri Lanka and even the brutal assassination of a close colleague, journalist Amantha Perera didn’t realise how witnessing daily trauma was affecting him. Now at CQUniversity researching the risks of online trauma for journalists, Mr Perera fears the COVID-19 crisis poses the same threat for reporters today.


Backyard travel 'bucket lists' key to Australian tourism recovery, says CQUni expert

Australia’s tourism recovery after COVID-19 will rely on locals exploring their own backyard, according to CQUniversity tourism expert Dr Elena Konovalov.


Running on empty – why marathons and other mass events are still facing issues

You can run in pairs, you can run upstairs and you can even run in virtual challenges with online shares.


Natural medicines may deliver clues to coronavirus treatment

Natural and traditional medicines have offered up new directions for identifying chemical compounds to fight COVID-19, with new research from CQUniversity Australia identifying a wealth of anti-viral compounds warranting further investigation.