CQUniversity Professor to support COVID-19 research on Indigenous populations

Published:27 March 2020

A portrait of Professor Adrian Miller sitting down with arms on table as they look into the camera.

CQUniversity’s Professor Adrian Miller

First Nations people will face some unique challenges with COVID-19, including risks for infection, availability of preparedness plans, applicability of quarantine and isolation and risks of severe disease given the high prevalence of cardiovascular disease and hypertension in First Nations people.

To assist with understanding and alleviating those challenges, this week the Paul Ramsay Foundation committed $2 million in grant funding to support the Australian Partnership for Preparedness Research on Infectious Disease Emergencies (APPRISE) COVID-19 research.

CQUniversity’s Professor Adrian Miller is one of the Indigenous researchers in the APPRISE COVID-19 team.

APPRISE is a national network of leading experts, institutions and researchers involved in clinical, laboratory, public health, and ethics research. Its mission is to inform Australia’s emergency response to infectious diseases.

“There are clearly many important research questions here that require urgent answers,” Professor Miller said.

“Indigenous communities are vulnerable and we need to act now because the spread of this disease poses particular risks for isolated Indigenous communities,” he said.

“We are extremely grateful for The Paul Ramsay Foundation grant, that will support the development of effective responses to COVID-19 for high-risk communities, particularly Indigenous populations.”