Violence against paramedics is an international problem

Published:06 February 2017

Paramedics from 13 countries took part in the first international survey of violence against ambulance personnel.

Some of the research findings released for the first time this week include that 65 percent of the 1778 respondents had been physically attacked while on duty.

CQUniversity Professor Brian Maguire, who arranged the survey, says about 90 percent of perpetrators were patients.

“Most of the injuries were bruises and contusions but there were also reports of puncture wounds and fractures,” Professor Maguire says.

The Aussie academic revealed details from the survey for the first time this week during a special presentation for students and ambulance service personnel at CQUniversity Melbourne.

Professor Maguire is one of the most published researchers in the world in the area of paramedic safety.

After working as a paramedic for 20 years in New York City, he focused his research on ways to reduce risks for paramedics internationally.

Professor Maguire is a Senior Fulbright Scholar and has presented his research in nine countries. He is one of eight paramedics in the world who are university professors.