CQUni 'a leading light' in use of near infrared spectroscopy, says VIP visitor

Published:26 July 2016

NIR specialist Peter Flinn (front left) meeting L-R Engineering and Technology Dean Professor Col Greensill, Associate Professor Daniel Cozzolino, Professor Kerry Walsh and doctoral researcher Clinton Hayes.

A world-renowned specialist in near infrared spectroscopy, Peter Flinn visited CQUniversity this week for networking with researchers using NIR to gauge fruit quality.

Mr Flinn, who started using NIR for animal nutrition research in the 1980s, is immediate past president of the International Council of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, and was President of the Australian Chapter for many years.

He discussed the role of CQUni’s Professor Kerry Walsh and Associate Prof Daniel Cozzolino in organising for the International NIR meeting in 2019, scheduled to be hosted on the Gold Coast.

“NIR has been strong in Queensland and CQUniversity has been among the leading organisations,” he said. “The Australian NIR meeting held here in 2006 was a memorable success.”

Professor Walsh, who has been researching use of NIR for fruit testing since the mid-1990s, said it was a pleasure to show Mr Flinn laboratory facilities at CQUni’s Central Queensland Innovation and Research Precinct (CQIRP). Mr Flinn also met with members of Rockhamptons 'NIR community'.

“Peter was a pioneer in the development and implementation of the NIR technique in Australia for analysis of forages and feeds, in both research and commercial applications, and has been generous in sharing knowledge of the technique,” Professor Walsh says.

Mr Flinn is based in Hamilton, Victoria.