Yet again in a time of war we can rely on Home Economics

Published:05 April 2020

CQUniversity Home Economics senior lecturer Dr Jay Deagon.

The Great War and WWII both required home-based innovations such as food rationing, kitchen gardens, mending not wasting, and bomb shelter games.

In these days of family and individual isolation and global uncertainty, there are obvious parallels with the war on COVID-19 today. Think home-sown face masks, pickling of home-grown produce and the simple pleasures of baking, gardening and family board games.

CQUniversity Home Economics senior lecturer Dr Jay Deagon says it is comforting to know we can still call on the generations-old profession dedicated to making life at home a positive and productive experience for everyone.

“As we enter the new normal, where future pandemics are likely, the position of Home Economics in the curriculum of children in all education sectors is critical to develop and support our decision-making and ‘adulting’ skills,” Dr Deagon says.

“Well before celebrity chefs, bloggers and Instagram Influencers, Home Economics teachers were the original providers of practical homemaking skills and advice.

“Home Economics skills are broad-ranging practical home-based skills that are very useful right now!

"This is the discipline that can focus on food security, the preparation of healthy and nutritious meals with limited supplies, and avoiding an over-reliance on convenient foods, along with how to work with textiles, and maintain harmonious family relationships.

“There have been frequent calls to ‘Bring Back Home Ec’ because of the noticeable lack of life skills - but it has never left.

“Home Economics is shining its proven and ageless light into these dark times.”