Susan on track to become CQUniversity’s first MBA (Leadership) graduate

Published:29 January 2020

Mt Isa local Sue Morey is set to be the first MBA (Leadership) graduate at CQUni.

From scientist to business manager – Susan Morey is now on track to become CQUniversity’s first MBA (Leadership) graduate.

Ms Morey was one of the first to enrol in the course when it launched in late 2018 and has worked hard at completing units whenever she has the opportunity.

“I was attracted to the MBA (Leadership) because of the flexible study options and the ability to complete my studies anywhere at any time,” Ms Morey explained.

“There are no semesters, so once I completed a subject, I could move straight onto the next which worked great for my lifestyle.”

Based in the regional Queensland town of Mount Isa, Ms Morey said she was thrilled at the opportunity of completing an MBA without needing to relocate.

“Completing an MBA had been on my radar for the past few years, but it wasn’t until I saw an Instagram post about CQUniversity’s new course that I decided to take the leap. I enrolled that same day.”

With a diverse career history under her belt, starting in child safety before transitioning to a police officer then scientist, Ms Morey knew the skills from an MBA (Leadership) would be transferrable across multiple industries including in senior roles and even potential entrepreneurship.

“My confidence has skyrocketed since starting the MBA (Leadership) - I would never have applied for my current position as the Manager of Operations at the JCU Centre for Rural and Remote Health (CRRH) if it wasn’t for the skills, I have learnt through doing the MBA (Leadership).

“In a modern fast-paced environment, it has provided me with the skills to succeed in my new role. I have learnt different leadership styles and how each style impacts on staff, how to communicate better, how to manage finances and how to think strategically.”

Ms Morey has currently completed 95 per cent of the MBA (Leadership) over the past year which included advanced accounting, finance, law, marketing, economics, human resources, operations and research.

“The work was extremely challenging but with support from the CQUni coordinators, my studies took off. With no deadlines or due dates, I needed to be a self-directed, self-motivated student which enabled me to complete my units quickly.”

Crediting the program as one of the best educational experiences she’s had, Ms Morey said the benefits had exceeded all expectations.

“Although the course is completely online, I have been able to connect with other students to meet people from completely different fields and backgrounds. In the 21st century, networking is no longer confined to a classroom - group forums and social networks are just as accessible wherever you are.”

CQUniversity's MBA (Leadership) is currently one the most affordable in Australia priced at $16,992 for 11 units. For more information, visit