Michaela’s teaching dreams boosted by CQUniCares GWI Scholarship

Published:18 May 2020

CQUniversity Education student Michaela George has benefitted from a CQUniCares GWI Scholarship.

If it wasn’t for Michaela’s teacher, she would not have finished high school and now that she is planning on becoming a teacher herself, her dedication has been recognised with a CQUniCares GWI Scholarship.

Michaela, a 24-year-old single parent living in Bundaberg, has had her Bachelor of Education (Secondary) studies significantly boosted thanks to the scholarship.

The new scholarship, awarded by Brisbane-based information technology consultancy firm, GWI, is valued at $5000, with two CQUniversity students receiving the scholarship each year. The total partnership is valued at $40 000 and will provide support to eight students over the next four years.

“I want to wholeheartedly thank the GWI for offering me the 2020 CQUniCares GWI Scholarship – it will greatly remove some of the financial pressures I will face preparing for my four years of undergraduate studies,” Michaela said.

“As an Indigenous woman, the eldest daughter of seven children, a mother, and the first person in my family to pursue tertiary education, it is so important to me to succeed in my studies and aspirations so that I can be a good role model, and show that through hard work and dedication anything is possible regardless of the struggles we may face along the way.”

She said her experiences in high school set her on the path to becoming a teacher.

“When I was in high school – one of the most tumultuous times of my life – I had a phenomenal teacher go above and beyond to help me realise my potential and worth, find what I was passionate about, and get me through to graduation,” she said.

“If it wasn’t for her influence and friendship, I would not have made it beyond Year 8. Her presence in my time at school was truly lifechanging for me.”

“That’s why I am so passionate and dedicated to becoming a teacher, because I have experienced firsthand the impact of an amazing educator.”

Michaela said the scholarship would allow her to invest in a new computer and textbooks and cover the costs of childcare and residential schooling as part of her studies.

“Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity, it will undoubtedly contribute greatly to my success in completing my undergraduate studies,” she said.

GWI Managing Partner and CEO Neil Makepeace said “I recently had the privilege of meeting Michaela and learning more about her story and determination to be a role model for other young Indigenous people. I’m proud that GWI has been able to work with CQUniversity to make a difference in her life and those who will benefit in the future through her work.”

The CQUniCares Scholarship program changes lives and CQUni is grateful to partner with organisations like GWI who share the University’s passion for making a difference in the lives of our students, their families and our communities.