Madison’s dedication to Chiropractic helps her crack the job market

Published:03 June 2020

Master of Clinical Chiropractic student Madison Forster has acquired a full-time job with the Coast to Country Clinicin the Lockyer Valley.

Madison Forster hasn’t even finished her Master of Clinical Chiropractic with CQUni, but already she has managed to secure employment with a clinic at Plainland, in the Lockyer Valley.

Madison will soon be working full-time at Coast to Country Chiropractic after proving her mettle during a series of practical placements.

“It is exciting, but equally scary, but knowing I have a position lined up after I finish takes a bit of the pressure off,” Madison said.

“Throughout my final year all the aspects I have learned in the previous four years has started to come together. I am extremely lucky to have some great mentors, both from CQUni and the team at Coast to Country.”

CQUni Chiropractic Head of Course Dawn Dane said more than 70 per cent of CQUni Chiropractic students gain full-time employment through our external placements.

“Our placement sites are valued stakeholders and we are pleased to see that Madison will be joining one of them after graduation,” Dawn said.

“It’s great to see Madison seek out a rural workplace, by joining Coast to Country Chiropractic. She will be joining a team that includes one of our past Chiropractic graduates, which speaks to the quality of our students.”

Madison said she’d wanted to be a chiropractor since she was very young, and her ultimate dream is to go specialise in animal chiropractic.

“When I was 12-years-old I saw a horse chiropractor treat one of our horses and the changes in the animal’s nature and behaviour were incredible,” she said.

“Since then, I have wanted to do animal chiropractic. I have gained so much from growing up rurally with horses playing a large role in my life and I want to be able to give back to the both the animals and communities.

“Throughout the last four years I have grown a massive passion for chiropractic as I have seen how it can help so many people.

“Playing a role in another person’s health journey is very unique, you are there to celebrate successes and breakthroughs but also help work through hard times too,” she said.

Although COVID-19 restrictions made her work with clients and training challenging, the recent introduction of telehealth clinics at CQUni had lifted her spirits.

“Personally, I found the lack of contact with my peers difficult and I struggled with a lack of motivation at times,” she said.

“(The telehealth clinic) has reduced the amount of time patients need to spend in clinic for their first visit. We complete part of our initial assessments with the patients in the comfort of their own homes. This also means that if it’s appropriate, patients can receive their first treatment on their first visit to the clinic. It has shown to be beneficial for patients who would have to travel a considerable time for a visit who now can be seen and triaged without leaving their homes.”

Madison encouraged anyone considering Chiropractic studies with CQUni to follow it through.

“The course is unique in its flipped classroom approach and for the most part allows for flexible learning,” she said.

“There is great support in all aspects of the degree and the practical aspect of the course from year one all the way through is facilitated by chiropractors who have clinical experience to match their great passion for education and the chiropractic profession.

“They provide a great learning environment and support network for all aspects of study.”