Josh sees STEPS as a way to stay in the region and get a second chance at success

Published:12 February 2020

Josh Day is glad to be able to stay in the CQ region to study STEPS at CQUni.

Even though Josh Day might not have secured the OP score he was hoping for when he finished Year 12 at the end of 2019, CQUni’s STEPS program is helping him get a head start on achieving his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) is an enabling course that provides a pathway for people wishing to gain entry to and excel in higher education.

The recent Emmaus College graduate is about to start his STEPS course and he’s already excited about how far it could take him.

“I am born and bred in Rockhampton and I want to study in my hometown because my family is here and it will help keep my costs down – plus having a local experience will be much better,” the 17-year-old said.

“STEPS is free at CQUniversity, where at other university’s it’s a paid program.”

He said he could see many opportunities by doing STEPS.

“I’m most excited about all the opportunities that it will provide my future career as well as the skills it will give me for my future university studies,” he said.

“My ultimate career goal is to become a corporate lawyer – it’s been an aspiration since I started high school.”

Josh realises that STEPS is indeed just the first ‘step’ on what will be a long study journey.

I will need to undergo further study in law after I finish my STEPS course and I’m really looking forward to it,” he said.

Outside of his studies Josh will also continue to pursue his sporting pursuits, namely in soccer and touch football.

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