Education student leaves a colourful mark on her placement school

Published:22 September 2020

Glenmore State School principal Marty Krehlik and CQUniversity Bachelor of Education student Chelsea McLovin show off the new murals at the school.

A CQUniversity education student has added more than her enthusiasm for teaching to Glenmore State School during her final work placement.

Final year Bachelor of Education student Chelsea McLovin has taken an art brush and her creativity to the walls of the school producing three murals that not only brighten up the school yard but reinforce the school’s attitude and value system.

In consultation with school principal Marty Krehlik, and after 10 hours of planning, Chelsea committed another 50 hours of her own time over multiple weekends and weekdays producing the artwork.

The purpose of the murals was to brighten the school up while incorporating and reinforcing the positive school attitude and school values,” explained Chelsea.

The murals have left a lasting impression on the school community.

“Chelsea has done a remarkable job in transforming our school with vibrant colours and designs to promote positive and powerful messages,” Marty explained.

“She has incorporated key aspects including our school logo, vision and values, as well as our sport houses into the three pieces created to resonate with our community.

“We are forever grateful to Chelsea who is not only a great teacher in the making, but a very talented artist.”

Chelsea is currently in her final placement at the school, teaching a prep and year one composite class.

“I love being here at Glenmore – it is a great school and Marty and the team are amazing and supportive,” Chelsea said.

“I really want to thank all the staff, but especially Marty and my mentor teacher Elizabeth Cameron, who have taken me on for an entire year of pracs, all back to back.”

Chelsea started her study journey back in 2016 when she completed her first two years as a full-time student before changing to part time to expand her family – the result was two IVF daughters, only 11 months apart.

“The process pushed out my degree by an extra year, though very worth it.

“In the beginning of 2020 I returned to full-time study and have completed by final two placements and will soon begin my internship in October.”

Chelsea said making family and study life work together was very much about compromise and time management.

“My husband and I have a blended family with eight children. My husband currently is at home as the full-time carer of his special needs son; he is the heartbeat of our home and keeps the home fires burning.

“This gives me the freedom and opportunity to finish my degree and to complete one of my life goals to become a full-time teacher.

“My study journey has always been a priority to my family and I despite it sometimes being difficult to balance, we have managed to succeed.

In recognition of her high academic achievements to date, Chelsea was invited and has since joined the Golden Key International Honour Society.