CQUniversity’s early entry scheme proves fruitful for Cairns-based Caleb

Published:30 June 2020

Caleb Simpson was one of the first students to be accepted into CQUniversity’s early entry program, the Principal’s Recommendation Scheme

Caleb Simpson was one of the first students to be accepted into CQUniversity’s early entry program, the Principal’s Recommendation Scheme (PRS), when it was piloted to a small cohort of schools in 2019 (for entry in 2020).

The Cairns-based Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences student was accepted into CQU based on the recommendation of his then Trinity Bay State High School principal, Martin Woodcock, meaning he didn’t need to wait for his Year 12 results to receive an unconditional offer to start uni in Term 1 this year (2020).

“The Principal's Recommendation Scheme was new to me, but it seemed like a great opportunity,” Caleb explained.

“One of my teachers knew a bit about my plans for the future and provided me with the information and I’m so glad I took up the opportunity. Having been accepted into CQU before Year 12 was finished meant that I didn’t have the anticipation and stress of waiting for my final results to see if I would get into uni.

“I would definitely advise others to consider taking up the Principal's Recommendation Scheme.”

Eighteen year-old Caleb, a proud Indigenous man, has just completed his first term of university.

“My first term at CQU has been challenging yet thrilling, overall I am enjoying myself,” he said.

CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nick Klomp said the PRS in no way provided relaxation of the quality and academic standards that students must meet to successfully complete their degrees.

“At CQUniversity we believe that senior schooling results are an important factor that leads to student success however we also recognise that other factors and attributes such as motivation, talent, and passion have a key role to play in their success,” Professor Klomp said.

The PRS is a nationwide offering that allows Year 12 students to apply for an eligible CQUniversity course* based on the recommendation of their high school principal.

To be eligible, students must be studying Year 12 at an Australian school and attain their Principal’s recommendation in writing.

“We first trialled the Principal’s Recommendation Scheme in 2019 (for entry in 2020) with some selected partner schools and found that the program worked for us, for the schools and importantly for the students who have gone on to achieve study success,” Professor Klomp said.

“Now that we have expanded the program to all students across Australia, we are seeing strong interest, especially from those students who want to want to secure a place early so that they can plan ahead for next year.

With so many Year 12s being impacted by the disruptions of COVID-19, a Principal’s Recommendation could be a great option for them to secure a place at University in 2021.

Over 40 students were admitted into CQUniversity for Term 1, 2020 study as a result of the PRS and CQUniversity has already accepted over 30 PRS applications for entry into 2021 with more currently being processed.

Applications for current Year 12 students close on 1 December.

*Most CQUniversity courses are eligible for entry via this alternative pathway however there are some course exceptions and conditional entry requirements for some courses.