CQUniversity on top of GUG rankings in key categories

Published:14 August 2020

CQUniversity received a bumper five-star report from the 2021 Good Universities Guide.

CQUniversity’s commitment to providing high-quality university education to low socioeconomic and disadvantaged students has been celebrated this week with the University again ranking number one in Australia for ‘Social Equity’ in the latest Good Universities Guide (GUG) rankings.

The University also achieved the number four spot in Australia for its high ‘First-Generation’ student cohort numbers highlighting the University’s mission to make education accessible to all students.

These results form part of a bumper five-star report for the University which includes the top ranking in seven of the major categories.

CQUniversity achieved five-star rankings in Social Equity, First-generation, Undergraduate Full-time Employment, Undergraduate Starting Salary, Postgraduate Starting Salary and Postgraduate Skills Development.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nick Klomp said CQUniversity has much to be proud of in the latest Good Universities Guide rankings.

“CQUniversity has achieved some amazing results in the 2021 rankings and we join a strong group of regional universities outdoing a number of the major Australian institutions in key categories,” explained Professor Klomp.

“At CQUniversity, we change lives – that’s precisely why we rank number one for social equity. Our results showcase the University’s ongoing commitment and belief that quality university education should be available to all who are determined to achieve.

“We are also proud of our very strong full-time employment and starting salary results, highlighting the fact that a qualification from CQUniversity is highly regarded by a range of industries and our graduates are reaping the financial benefits too.”

The latest results also put a spotlight on regional universities who dominated the undergraduate employment and salary rankings.

“The results by Australia’s regional universities for employment rates and starting salaries for undergraduates are a testament to the hardworking, outcome-focused mission of this group of universities.

“Regional universities play a vital role in the higher education sector in Australia not only by offering opportunities for those who may not otherwise attend university, but by providing some of the best graduate outcomes in the country.

“These latest rankings show that first-degree graduates from regional universities achieve better than their metro counterparts in getting a job and are paid more in their first career.

“This is great news for our students and the many communities in which we operate across Australia.”

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